We use an experience design lens to help initiators, leaders, entrepreneurs, “fire-starters” — you, make the change they want to see, translated into products, services, systems, companies and real-life experiences.

We believe that creative, adaptive, and diverse teams will have the best responses to complex challenges, and so we’re devoted to helping people develop practices for creative leadership.  

At The Thinkery you have an unique opportunity to practice and apply new ways of thinking and being to solve problems, generate new ideas and create better futures.

We work with those who dare to do things differently but leadership is tough gig, so we encourage wellness and wellbeing wherever we can. We believe that personal reflection is intrinsic to growth, better insights and decision-making. Essentially, we want you to have the tools and agency to contribute to human flourishing in a way that is apt and authentic for you.

Summary of Services

At The Thinkery Studio we offer the following:

Learning Experiences  The Thinkery Society is the campus for our learning society for creative leadership, problem-solving and decision-making.

Leadership Coaching & Business Design  We offer executive leadership coaching, and business design as service to launch new product, services, personal brands.

Course Development  We apply our publishing capabilities to help your brand become a useful knowledge resource for your customers and clients.

Web Developmen Sky Castle is our digital agency. 


Who lives where creativity meets value creation. 

Michelle Badejo

Michelle is a Leadership Coach a with special concentration on creative leadership and problem-solving. She started her career in Publishing, and has been a Business coach, strategist and designer for 17 years, working with entrepreneurs in diverse sectors, from oil and gas to design agencies. Michelle holds a Master’s degree in Leadership from Saint Mary’s College of California and a B.A. (Hons) in Publishing from the London College of Communication. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.