Craft A Conscious Company

Develop the profit strategy playbook for a purpose-driven business. 

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The Program

The Thinkery’s business design program is a structured approach to creating a sustainable and profitable, purpose-driven company with wide reaching impact. 

What Makes the Program Special?

1-on-1 Coaching

You’ll have support every step of the way. Your coach will provide the space you need to ask questions or hash out ideas. You can count on your coach to surface blindspots and offer new perspectives — yeah we’ll call you on your stuff.

Principles that last

Today’s ventures are dynamic and constantly changing, we have banned the business plan in favor of you developing guiding principles that will sustain past management fads and projections.

Profit and purpose

Like form and function profit and purpose go hand in hand, best baked in from the beginning. Building a brand that people love, with a sound grasp of the metrics that matter, we believe, is a path to greater wealth and well-being. 


Your (ad)Venture Playbook

Defy the odds and shatter expectations. Build a business that resonates with people and thrives. You’re only limited by your ability to create and adapt, and to the extent to which you know your ethos. This is true for you and even more so for your business. We believe that long lasting businesses are crafted, by smart, creative, adaptive people.

In this program, you’ll develop your Venture Playbook. This will be a living-document that will always keep you grounded in the values of your purpose, even when making tough decisions for the business. 

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Your Learning Experience

A practical, hands-on 8-12 week business design program with 3 hours/week commitment and one-on-one coaching. Active planning for real world results.

Learn and Get Feedback

Work your way through the modules with your coach who will guide you in strategy sessions and leadership coaching. Together you’ll set challenges, and develop your most inspiring ideas. 

Make Your Plays

Insight loves action, so you’ll get hands on in practicums; real-world tryouts of ideas and new behaviors, to gather golden insights on what works for your venture playbook.

Create A Venture Playbook

Integrate, your discoveries and ahas into a venture playbook; a collection of the strategies, tactics and guiding principles that work well for you and your business. This living document will guide your decision making.

Program Outline

The program consists of three key modules The Grounding, The Workings and The Message. Here is a breakdown of what will be covered in each module.

The Grounding

This Grounding module lays the foundation of what your brand will stand for, what it will be and how it will grow. You’ll identify the enduring skill sets and know-how that will be honed by the business, and chart path for growth.

Covered in this module
  • Founder Focus — Unearth the values you want to infuse in the business.
  • Ethos — Define the why and evolutionary purpose of the business.
  • Transmutable Talents — Identify the skill sets and special know-how that makes your business an unrivaled, lovable brand.
  • Force Multiplier — Learn how force-multipliers can help your business grow exponentially.

The Workings

This module establishes the modes of engagement for daily life , including decision making, processes and financial reviews. You’ll explore how the wisdom of living-systems can keep the company humming along efficiently.

Covered in this module
  • Repeatable Cycles of Learning  — How does your team come together to solve problems? Learn how to create the living-systems that keep the business humming along.
  • Finance without Fear —  Learn how to uncover the stories behind the numbers and, how to prepare for financial review meetings. Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Cash Flow and Ratios demystified!
  • People manifesto — Create the guiding principles on how people will make decisions, and how  personal-professional growth and well-being are incorporated into daily life.
  • Planet manifesto — Craft the guiding philosophy on how the brand or company would make a broader impact in a way that is part of the heart and soul of the business. Define what will be your standards of social and environmental impact.

The Message

The Message

In this module you’ll look closely at your brand beyond the logo. Truly resonate brands become vehicles for positive influence. Here you will get to shape how your brand voice becomes a force for good.

Covered in this module
  • Strategic Narrative — Define the positioning and message that inspires people to become part of your movement.
  • Communication Tool — Map an ongoing communication strategy, to stay connected with the people you serve and attract the people you want to serve.
  • Offering  —  Redefine or design a service or product in a design sprint.
  • Smashable Brand —  Develop your brand’s style guide to create an unmistakable sensory experience.

Take Consistent Action: Your Coach Is With You Every Step of the Way

Let’s be honest ushering in a new way of doing business can be daunting. People might consider your way, strange, kooky or even risky, but you are not called to be conventional. Your sound intuition will move you to heights you never thought you’d go, and it’s your coach’s job to help you draw out this wisdom.

Your coach will be in your corner, suggesting plays and helping you gain the clarity and confidence you need. Through it all your coach will ensure that you keep your missions and goals at the forefront. 

Simply put your coach has your back. 

By the end of the Program you'll come away with...

A plan and new skills. You’ll learn how to hear the needs of your business and adapt to stay on track with its purpose. You’ll learn how to use your creativity to respond to challenges, and hey you might even learn to love the numbers –  it’s a possibility. And best of all you’ll have a game-plan for a passionately purpose-driven business. 







This program is right for you if...
  • You’re starting or re-energizing a business
  • You’ve ever felt allergic to business planning. We’ll show you how planning-in-action changes everything you know about business. 
  • You’re committed to using your brand as a force for good.
  • You’re super creative but queasy around numbers. While we might not make you a number nerd, we’ll show you how your creativity is perfectly compatible with evolving a business.
  • You’re committed to using your leadership skills to help others flourish. 
  • You prefer to invest in solid strategies versus temporary tactics.
Get in touch to learn more about working with a coach, pricing and payment

To really hold our clients and give the best of our focus and attention, we specifically work with clients that are well suited for the program. We love hearing from entrepreneurs, and even if its not the right fit we’ll still answer your questions. Want to find our more about how we might work together on your brand? Request to talk to a coach below.

Conventional wisdom and programs have it backwards; produce profit then indulge in a purpose. We see things a bit differently. We believe that wealth emerges when you stay on purpose.