July 21, 2017

Business Design

Develop an adaptive and creative team while designing your business with heart and soul.

In a Business Design program or project  you will actively re-shape your business, from the ground up in design cycles. There are no one size fits all systems. Each practice or offering developed is co-created by you and your team. We guide you through key aspects business, or focus on a specific business challenge and coach you to use tools and techniques to create better experiences, offerings or resolutions for your customers and teams.

The result is that you will strengthen the health of your business and develop the muscle memory of being adaptive to new challenges. Your team will be able to continuously improve on what you have created, and indeed evolve the business in the way that you always intended.

Ways of Working With Us


Project Overview
A project focuses on a specific challenge. It includes a hands-on discovery session, and two design cycles.

When you need a project
When you want to dive deep into a key-log issue that once resolved will unlock greater potential for the business.

Timeframe Typically 8 weeks.

Projects give an injection of new ideas to implement in a shorter period of time.


Program Overview
A program takes a comprehensive approach to designing the business. The program includes developing a playbook for each key area of the business, in several design cycles.

When you need a program
When you are just starting your business or reshaping the current business for longevity and growth.

Timeframe Average is 9 month engagement.

The program allows for alignment between values and growth.

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